IKEA Assembly Service in Ottawa


For those who abhor the idea of piecing together furniture or find the entire process just too laborious, there is an easy way out. Assembly Experts offers a team of professional handymen who are adept at putting together your IKEA furniture in no time at all. Our staff is trained and has years of experience providing assembly services for any part of the house.

Many people may find it hard to put together furniture due to a lack of experience, tools, or both. IKEA furniture comes with nuts and bolts, but you may not have the right tools and equipment to put the pieces together safely. In this case, we assemble the furniture and test its safety for you too.

Many companies and handypersons offer IKEA furniture assembly in Ottawa, but what makes us the most unique is our experience. We offer convenience to our clients by assembling the furniture according to their schedule. IKEA furniture comes with instructions on how to assemble, install, and mount the furniture or piece. To avoid room for error, our staff ensures to follow the exact instruction for safe assembly.


IKEA claims that its furniture is easy to assemble. While it may be true for some items, this does not apply to all. Another drawback of assembling IKEA furniture by yourself is that you don’t have any written instructions. Following pictures and diagrams can be a little challenging.

Though IKEA furniture may seem minimalistic and straightforward from the exterior, it is often not easy to install. Even an easy design may not be all that simple when it comes to mounting and installation. Whether setting up a crib in the nursery or installing IKEA kitchen cabinets, no task is too big for us.

Having the appropriate tools at hand gets half the job done automatically. Most people do not own a toolbox, except for a screwdriver and a few other items. In such a circumstance, you have to buy additional equipment to assemble your furniture, which is tiresome and can become frustrating. This is where Assembly Experts step in to take matters into their own hands.

Apart from IKEA furniture assembly services, Assembly Experts offer services to help set up your home and office. If you are moving to a new house, we can help you settle in by assembling and installing the furniture in your lounge, kitchen, dining areas, bedroom, outdoor play area, Etc.


We believe in developing trust with our clients. Apart from this, the staff at Assembly Experts is trustworthy. So, you don’t have to worry about leaving them with your personal belongings. The team at Assembly Expert has years of training in setting up furniture and other installment and assembling services. We get the job done in a short time without any hassle.

If you are looking for an IKEA assembly service in Ottawa, reach out to us now! Please book an appointment with us or call us on the phone number for further details.

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