Outdoor Patio Furniture Assembly

Patio Furniture Assembly

Dining set and Wicker Lounge Furniture on a Patio

Patio Furniture Installation

Efficient Patio Furniture Assembly Services

Enjoy beautiful weather and gatherings without the hassle of setting up. The Assembly Experts offer comprehensive furniture installation services for all types of patio furniture. Whether it’s full sets or individual pieces, we can customize and assemble your patio furniture to fit your space perfectly.

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Patio Furniture Assembly in Ottawa & Toronto

Professional Assembly of All Patio Sets and Furniture

Our highly trained, insured technicians handle every aspect of patio furniture assembly with precision. Expect no complications, only professional results. We value your time, ensuring punctual and efficient assembly service every time. With our labor warranty, you’re covered for any service adjustments needed.

Grey Wicker Patio Furniture on the Deck
Residential patio furniture set

Outdoor Furniture Assembly

Trusted Experts for Residential and Commercial Patio Needs

Whether it’s for residential charm or commercial appeal, our patio furniture assembly services cater to both. We ensure trendy, practical setups tailored to meet your needs, backed by ongoing support and maintenance for lasting client relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly Experts can assemble a wide range of patio furniture, including but not limited to 

  • Patio Chairs
  • Patio Tables
  • Patio Benches
  • Patio Umbrellas
  • Full Patio Sets
  • Patio Sofas and Loveseats
  • Patio Swings
  • Patio Loungers
  • Patio Fire Pits
  • Hammocks


The time required to assemble patio furniture can vary depending on the size and complexity of the furniture. However, most furniture can be assembled within a few hours.

While Assembly Experts does not sell patio furniture, we can still provide you with advice on the type and size of furniture that would be best suited for your needs.

Based on all the assembly jobs we have done when it comes to patio furniture, we are up to date on trends and have quite a bit of experience knowing what will work for you based on your needs. 

The tools needed to install patio furniture can vary depending on the type of furniture and the specific installation requirements.

Here are some common tools that most people may need

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Allen Key
  • Pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Ratchet and sockets


It is important to read the instructions carefully before starting the installation process to determine which tools are required for the specific patio furniture. 

If you decide to hire Assembly Experts, you don’t need to worry about any of this. We will provide all the tools needed to get your patio furniture fully built

Yes, Assembly Experts provides a guarantee for our patio furniture assembly service. If there are any issues with the assembly or lost or damaged parts, we will come back and fix it for free.

Yes! Assembly Experts doesn’t only build your furniture, we can also disassemble patio furniture in preparation for a move. Contact us today to find out more.