Top 5 Hardest IKEA Furniture to Assemble

Hardest IKEA Furniture to Assemble

IKEA furniture is a popular choice for many homes due to its aesthetic appeal and affordability. However, a part of their design requires some DIY assembly at the customer’s home and that can create frustrating and exhausting situations. Some IKEA furniture pieces are incredibly complex, even for experienced hands. Even with instructions on hand, the process can be overwhelming.

Hence, the team at The Assembly Experts would like you to know the top 5 hardest IKEA furniture to assemble.

PAX Wardrobe System

Hardest IKEA Furniture to Assemble PAX

The sheer size, weight and complexity of this piece easily make it one of the hardest IKEA furniture to assemble. The PAX wardrobe system comes with numerous components like shelves, drawers, panels and sliding doors. Every one of those parts needs to be put together in a particular order to ensure that the wardrobe is stable and functional.

And all that is before you consider how large and heavy the wardrobe is. You need a lot of space to assemble it properly and an extra hand or two to properly install some of the components.

BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY bookcase presents itself as simple when properly put together but its appearance disguises the sheer complexity of its intricate and complex parts. When building this IKEA furniture piece, the many components are small and difficult to properly assemble. The bookcase’s back panel is of particular note here. It requires very careful placement with practically no room for error. Also, the shelves need to be secured properly with small dowels and placing them in the right spots is a daunting task.

MALM Bed Frame

Assembling this IKEA furniture piece, the time needed to ensure that everything is where it needs to be is maddeningly long. The MALM bed comprises many small components like slats that have to be placed one at a time in the correct position. Furthermore, the bed frame’s support beams need to be placed precisely to ensure the entire structure doesn’t collapse. These combined issues can make the IKEA furniture assembly process a long and frustrating one.


Hardest IKEA Furniture to Assemble HEMNES

A sofa bed is, by default, a complicated construct but IKEA’s FRIHETEN sofa bed is in a league all its own. Its design features many parts that interact with each other to facilitate the necessary motions of a sofa bed. The inclusion of a hidden compartment just pushes the difficulty to a new level. The precision and patience required to properly align the various parts make this one of the hardest IKEA furniture pieces to assemble.

HEMNES Dresser

This dresser is another tough nut to crack due to the space required, weight and complexity of its components. The HEMNES dresser is one of the hardest IKEA furniture pieces to assemble due to how its pieces need to line up precisely. If the drawers and panels are out of alignment, the entire construct becomes unstable or dysfunctional. Its size and weight also add to the difficulty of building it, usually requiring a lot of space and an extra hand to properly complete.

The Assembly Experts – Home Furniture Assembly & Installation

IKEA furniture provides unique style and effortless functionality to any location but assembling some furniture pieces can be an arduous task to undertake. The precision, space and strength required to build some of these are not readily available to the average citizen. You should endeavour to be patient during the assembly process and take breaks when you feel overwhelmed. If you think the process is beyond you, then engage the services of professional assemblers.


Hence, if you need help assembling IKEA furniture, please If your schedule is too busy for you to assemble IKEA furniture, please contact us. The Assembly Experts are dedicated to saving you the time, effort and frustration that comes with building IKEA furniture. Our dedicated team provides unmatched service, unparalleled expertise and cost-effective timeliness. Choose us to make your furniture fun again.