Commercial Furniture Assembly


Impress Your Customers with Professional Furniture

The Assembly Experts is ready to assemble and install furniture for commercial purposes. Whether it be for a retail showroom, an office floor, or anything else in between, we’re confident that we can provide you with professional commercial furniture assembly and installation services in Toronto and Ottawa that meet your needs while staying on budget.

Run Your Business Stress-Free

Between bills, satisfying customers, and fulling orders, where do you find the time to put all the furniture together? We can help! We have years of experience helping retailers, offices, and more simplify their lives through our professional commercial furniture assembly and installation services.

Our team is comprised of professionals with experience in a variety of fields such as construction, carpentry, and more; meaning that you’re not just hiring assemblers, but a group of experts that combine their skills and experience to provide your business with services that perform far above the price you pay. Ready to bring your business to new heights? Contact us today to get started.