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Maximizing Your Backyard's Potential with a Pavilion

Pavilions are designed for enjoyment in the great outdoors, not for the frustration of navigating assembly instructions. Hire The Assembly Experts and allow us to handle all the assembly and installation work in Ottawa on your behalf! Pavilions are complex constructions that come with a bewildering array of materials and guidelines; eliminate stress by letting the professionals manage it.

We’re equipped to assemble any pavilion, be it off-the-shelf, tailor-made, or any other type. For all pavilion installations in Ottawa, reach out to us and we’ll take care of everything!

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Ottawa Pavilion Assembly Services

Pavilion Assembly & Installation Meant to Last

Whether the pavilion is destined for a patio, a hot tub, or a tranquil escape, ensuring its proper construction is crucial. We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in labor-intensive fields like construction and carpentry. Our experts leverage their skills to identify and address details that might be overlooked by others, guaranteeing that your new pavilion is not only correctly assembled but also with a focus on safety.

A properly constructed pavilion can endure heavy snowfalls, strong gusts, and relentless rain. Avoid the gamble of assembling it on your own – employ The Assembly Experts today for impeccable execution that will stand the test of time.

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One Project at a Time

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The Perks of a Pavilion

Benefits of Having a Pavilion in Your Backyard

Enhanced Outdoor Living

A pavilion provides a comfortable and shaded area that allows you and your family to enjoy the outdoors more frequently.

Versatile Entertainment Area

Having a Pavilion is ideal for gatherings, celebrations, or relaxation, accommodating a wide range of activities.

Increased Property Value

A pavilion adds aesthetic appeal and functionality, boosting your home’s market value.

Protection From The Elements

Pavilions provide shelter against sun and rain, protecting you, your guests, and your outdoor furnishings.

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Pavilion Removal & Tear Down

Need Help Removing a Pavilion?

Our services extend beyond pavilion setup; we’re also available for disassembly and teardown requirements.

Should you decide to replace your old pavilion with a new model, we’re here to assist in dismantling the old one and erecting the new. For comprehensive pavilion assembly and disassembly services, get in touch with The Assembly Experts!


Client Testimonials

Ahmad Al Mohamed
Ahmad Al Mohamed
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Excellent service from Assembly Experts to do 14x12 Gazebo installation. On-time, professional work and very organized. There were 4 guys to do the work and they finish in only 3 hours. Such and an amazing and professional work. Thanks to Jeff for doing quality check before leaving. They provide two years warranty on the labor work.
Diane Bergeron
Diane Bergeron
Read More
A magnificent gazebo/studio was installed at the back of our property. The team of professional and meticulous young men did a great job in no time. Setting up such a massive gazebo can only be done by professionals.
Gerry Scharfe
Gerry Scharfe
Read More
Jeff and his team were very professional and friendly .They are very knowledgeable. I had purchased a gazebo from Home Depot and had Assembly Experts install it. They arrived on time, unpacked the gazebo and made sure no parts were missing. In no time it was up. These guys don’t take breaks. Once they start they don’t stop until the job is done. They cleaned everything up after they finished. Excellent job, no complaints.
Marc Alary
Marc Alary
Read More
The experience started with telephone call for an estimate and was fabulous from that point on. Jeff arrived on time to prepare the site for his crew. They were all courteous and very professional both in their demeanour and appearance. The crew worked tirelessly to finish building the gazebo, which would have taken me a week to do. Once they were done, they left the job site very clean
Mel Fio
Mel Fio
Read More
I had them build my Murphy bed. It was easy to get a quote, make an appointment and they showed up on time. Built and installed the bed in only a few hours. I was so impressed by their professionalism and kindness. The bed looks great and is very sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pavilion is an open structure without walls, typically used for relaxation and entertainment in outdoor settings. Unlike a gazebo, which is often octagonal and has a solid roof and partially open sides, pavilions are usually rectangular or square and are more open, making them ideal for larger gatherings.

The installation time for a pavilion can vary depending on its size and complexity. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks from start to finish, including preparation and assembly.

Yes, with proper construction and materials, pavilions are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, and wind. However, the level of durability will depend on the materials used and the quality of the construction.

Maintenance depends on the material of your pavilion. Wooden pavilions may need periodic staining or sealing to protect against weather, while metal and vinyl structures might require less maintenance, such as occasional cleaning to keep them looking new.

The best material for a pavilion depends on your budget, maintenance preferences, and aesthetic desires. Common materials include wood for a natural look, metal for durability, and vinyl for low maintenance. Each has its advantages and considerations.

The cost of a pavilion varies widely based on size, material, customizations, and whether you opt for a pre-fabricated model or a custom build. Prices can range from a few thousand dollars for simple, small structures to tens of thousands for large, custom designs. Contact us to learn more on pricing.