Home Furniture Assembly & Installation


Ready to Enjoy Your New Furniture?

The Assembly Experts assemble, install, and repair home furniture across the Toronto and Ottawa regions. We’re a close-knit family of trained, trustworthy, and reliable workers that love to make people’s lives easier by removing the most annoying element of furniture – the assembly! Contact us today to stop stressing about your furniture and start enjoying it!

Leave the Work to Us

We’re happy to assemble and install any type of home furniture that you may have. Regardless of whether the furniture is bought from IKEA, found in a boutique store, or inherited from a family member, our team of assembly professionals is equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to complete your furniture assembly and installation quickly, delicately, and for a fair price.

Our scope stretches beyond simple furniture; we’re also able to help set up entire dining room sets, living rooms, kitchens, and more. Our workers have extensive experience in construction, carpentry, and other labour-intensive careers that gives them invaluable insight into home design and construction. Simply buy whatever you have your heart set on and we’ll do all the assembly work. Contact us today to get started.