Solarium Assembly & Installation Services


Leave the
Instructions to Us

Stop fussing with manuals and hire The Assembly Experts to assemble your new Solarium! Solarium assembly isn’t easy and is closer to building a mini-home rather than a simple piece of furniture. It’s a job you should leave to us, the experts, rather than attempt yourself. We can ensure that everything is assembled and installed correctly and give you a backyard centerpiece that will last! Contact us today to get started!

Safety First Assembly

When you hire The Assembly Experts to assemble your new Solarium, you’re not hiring a bunch of strangers – you’re hiring a team of trained professionals that engage in their work with respect, professionalism, and attention to detail. Our multidisciplinary team uses their years of experience to spot things that others can’t. The result is a perfectly built solarium that will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Solarium assembly and installation usually involve glass or other sharp materials. People that lack the essential skills are putting themselves and those around them at risk. We can make sure that your Solarium is assembled correctly and with a safety-first approach, thereby ensuring that it can resist the elements and wear and tear that come season after season. Contact The Assembly Experts today to get started!