Gazebo vs Pergola – What’s the Difference?

Gazebo overlooking a pool at night

When looking to add to a house’s exterior spaces, most homeowners are torn between the choices of gazebo vs pergola. These two outdoor features offer cover, shade, and a place to unwind and host gatherings. But how do a pergola and gazebo differ from one another, and which one is best for your outdoor area?

As such, the team at The Assembly Experts would like you to know the differences between a gazebo vs pergola and how they can add value to your house’s exterior.

What is a Gazebo?

backyard gazebo

A gazebo is a type of outdoor garden building that normally has open sides and a roof and is used as a decorative accent or a covered seating area. A number of materials, such as wood, metal, and vinyl, can be used to create gazebos, which can be created in a variety of sizes, from small, private huts to enormous, ornate ones.

In a garden or backyard, gazebos are frequently utilized as the centrepiece and can be adorned with flowers, plants, or other ornamental items. They can also be utilized as a covered seating area for parties, lounging, and outdoor dining. Even hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, and other leisure amenities can fit inside certain gazebos.

What is a Pergola?

outdoor wooden pergola

A pergola is an outdoor construction that typically consists of a number of vertical posts or pillars that hold crossbeams or latticework on top, creating a shaded area that can be used for a number of different things.

Depending on the intended usage and the owner’s aesthetic tastes, a pergola’s design might differ greatly. Some pergolas are made with straightforward, subtle designs, few ornaments, and clear lines. Others are more elaborate and ornamental, with delicate scrollwork, carvings, or other design features.

Gazebo vs Pergola: Differences

Both gazebos and pergolas are outdoor garden structures that can enhance a backyard or outdoor space’s beauty and functionality, but there are some significant differences between the two:

Design & Form

Typically rectangular or square in design, pergolas include vertical supports or pillars that are regularly spaced apart and support crossbeams or latticework on the top. To create a dappled shade appearance, the crossbeams or latticework are frequently spaced apart to permit some sunlight to pass through.

On the other hand, gazebos typically have a circular, octagonal, or hexagonal shape with a more substantial roof structure. A gazebo’s roof can be flat, sloped, or dome-shaped, and it is frequently covered with thatch, shingles, or other materials.


Unlike gazebos, which have a solid roof, pergolas feature an open roof structure. While gazebos have a roof that gives complete shade and shelter from the elements, pergolas frequently have crossbeams or latticework on top that only provide partial shade and permit some sunlight to enter.


Generally speaking, pergolas are more open and airy than gazebos. They frequently feature fewer walls or none at all, which promotes better airflow and a feeling of openness

On the other hand, gazebos are frequently more enclosed and include whole or partial walls, screens, or curtains that offer privacy and pest protection.


Pergolas are typically used to support climbing plants and can be utilized to create a covered promenade, seating area, or outdoor dining place. A pergola’s latticework or crossbeams serve as support for vines and other climbing plants, which can grow to form a natural canopy that offers additional shade and aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, gazebos can be utilized as a covered seating space for outdoor dining, lounging, or entertainment. They are frequently employed as focal points in gardens or backyards. Hot tubs and other outdoor leisure amenities are frequently housed in gazebos.


Compared to gazebos, pergolas are frequently smaller and can be made to accommodate a range of various settings. On a patio or deck, they can be used to create a shaded seating area or a focal point in a smaller garden. 

Gazebos are intended to make a statement in a garden or outdoor space and are frequently bigger and more complex. They can be used to provide a focal point for a bigger garden or outdoor space or to provide a covered seating area for a number of people.

How Do Gazebos & Pergolas Improve Exterior Spaces?


backyard wooden pergola

For creating a covered area in an outside environment, pergolas and gazebos work wonders. This is crucial in warm, bright countries where exposure to direct sunlight can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

A pergola’s open roof construction allows some sunlight to enter, producing a dappled shade effect that is both useful and beautiful. Gazebos, alternatively, have a sturdy roof structure that offers complete shade and sun protection, making them a fantastic choice for locations that get a lot of direct sunshine.


A space outdoors can be made more attractive and interesting by using gazebos and pergolas, especially if they are used to hold up decorative components like climbing plants. A well-made pergola or gazebo can become the centre of attention in a backyard or garden, bringing a sense of class and sophistication to the entire outdoor design. They can be tailored to match the design and colour palette of the home and surrounding scenery and can be created from a range of materials, including wood, metal, or vinyl.


A useful area for entertaining, relaxing, or dining outdoors can be created using pergolas and gazebos. They can be utilized to build an outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or even a seating area with shade. In order to improve the comfort and functionality of a pergola or gazebo, some homeowners decide to add lights, fans, or other features.

Pergolas and gazebos can help with entertaining guests, relaxing with family and friends, or just taking in the natural beauty of the outdoors by supplying an additional outdoor living space.


Gazebos particularly can offer a more secluded and covered area for entertaining or relaxing outdoors. Pergolas and gazebos can be equipped with screens, drapes, or other privacy measures to turn a backyard or garden into a private haven.

Homeowners who reside in densely populated areas or who have near neighbours may find this to be particularly significant.

Increased Home Value

A well-built pergola or gazebo can increase the value of a house, particularly if it is incorporated into the general design of the outside area. The addition of gazebos and pergolas can increase a home’s appeal to potential purchasers by adding more year-round outdoor living areas. Homeowners who want to sell their houses soon may find this to be extremely helpful.

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Your outdoor living space is significantly improved with the help of pergolas and gazebos. Despite some similarities, they are different in terms of pricing, design, and functionality. Think about your unique requirements, financial constraints, and preferred styles when deciding between a pergola and a gazebo. These conditions must be met in order for you to decide whether a pergola or gazebo is the best option for you.

Please contact us when you’re ready to add a lovely and useful pergola or gazebo to alter your outdoor living space. The Assembly Experts can assist you with skilled furniture installers to create the ideal outdoor structure that suits your individual requirements and aesthetic choices. Enjoy the advantages of reliable construction, effective service, and a personalized outdoor living area that will improve your house and your quality of life.