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Solarium installation service

If you have a large property, installing a solarium can enhance your house immensely. A solarium is a room made entirely of glass, from the walls to the ceiling. It is an extension of your indoor space but provides you with a view of the outdoors. Hence, you can enjoy the outdoors without being subjected to outdoor weather conditions.

If you want to enjoy sunlight, a solarium is a perfect addition to your property. A solarium is made for the specific reason of getting a massive amount of the sun. However, your property must have enough space to add a solarium.


Solarium Installations in Ottawa Have Been Sold and Installed by Assembly Experts.

There are many reasons why people install solarium. Apart from acting as a conservatory, it can function as a greenhouse. A solarium is different from a pergola. A pergola may be used for outdoor lounging, while a solarium also acts as a working space. A solarium has thick walls to protect it from the outdoors. In this way, it is different from a greenhouse, but you can use solarium to grow plants. You can also set up furniture in a solarium and lounge in that space. Unlike a conservatory, a solarium can be used for various purposes.

Solarium is Worth the Investment

Many people wonder if a solarium is worth the investment, especially in Ottawa with harsh winter weather. To winterize a solarium, shutters are added to protect it during severe winter weather. An additional window covering prevents draughts. In the winter weather, a solarium can retain a vast amount of sunlight. It heats the room as long as there is sunlight. Hence, a solarium is perfect for winters. However, you do need to add weather protection to the solarium.

Assembly Experts offer solarium installation service Ottawa. Hence, you can have your solarium ready in no time at all. Call us and book an appointment today!

Pride of Assembly Experts Solarium Installation Services in Ottawa

Apart from installing Solarium, Assembly Experts also set up and install home furniture for you. It may include setting up the lounge, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, gym, bedrooms, Etc. Hence, we offer a range of services to help set up your home.

Solarium Technique for Customizing Solarium Installations

We have a team of expert craftsmen and handymen who have been trained in installing structures such as pergolas, hammocks, and solariums. They are trustworthy individuals who have been working for us for a long time. In addition to this, our team provides quality services so that all our clients are satisfied.


Hence, we maintain quality artistry that is unparalleled in our field.

Before getting started on the installation, it is essential to have a design finalized. Our team provides various procedures, depending on the client’s requirements. Hence, we make sure that a client gets value for money. Once the client approves a design, our team will begin sourcing material for the structure. After this, our team will start building the solarium.

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