Interior Design

Here at Assembly Experts, we provide interior designs that best suit your taste. We excel at fusing comfort and practicality in our designs that imbues sophistication and modernity. We explore your style in our consultation session to better understand what works for you and what does not.

Assembly Experts collaborates with other interior designers to give you the best design options to choose from.

Over the years, wear and tear can make a place look old and beaten down. Having it renovated is a good option to make your homes and offices look aesthetically pleasing. With our interior design services, you can also remodel and renovate your house. This way your house and office get the fresh look it so desperately needed.

For your new home building, Assembly Experts also offers interior design by working together with the architect and the project management team. So before moving into your new house, everything is ready for you with the furnishings that we provide. Your transition into your new house is smooth and worry-free.

From the wall mounting to the flooring, everything is done according to your sense of style so that it is pleasing for you so that you will enjoy it. Our designs are simple and minimal yet elegant. One of the reasons why our clients have chosen us in the past.

We try to mix and have a touch of both, modern and classic designs to make it practical, comfortable and also luxurious.

To get the job done according to our quality standards, we hire our own contractors that are trustworthy. We make all purchases of materials and other items on our own, ensuring that it stays within your budget.

In addition to interior designs, we also make custom-designed furnishings to add luxury to your interior. In designing and making furniture, our focus is on quality. Hence we pay attention to the details in every piece of furniture that we design in order to make it stand out. We make custom pieces for our clients.

Our services are not limited to residential interior designs, we also provide interior designs and other services for commercial buildings as well.

We provide different assembly services for mounting TV, mirrors and other hanging. Other than this we also provide installation services for your furniture, kitchen, gym, patio, closet, and other rooms and areas. You can check out our website for more services related to this.

Our pricing package entirely depends on the services that are required and your budget. The services that we offer are highly personalized and customizable.

Client satisfaction is important for us and therefore we provide quality services. We also provide an estimate for our services depending on the items to be installed.

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