Assembly Experts provides consulting to its clients in regards to interior designing and furnishing. Our expert interior designers have years of experience with national and international clients.

Our consultation services include but are not limited to discussing what works for your interior, the color palette of your interior, layout of your space, the style requirements, budget, etc. You can find out more about the charges for our services by contacting us. Whether it is an ongoing project or one that requires planning, we offer flexible consultation that discusses every aspect of your interior design requirements.

Assembly Experts excel at transforming spaces into upbeat, trendy places. Every aspect of our interior design revolves around our client’s preferences and choices. We let the client guide us and thus, in turn, we help them in visualizing their home in the best way possible.

When it comes to providing consultation services, we keep client satisfaction as our top priority. We work with our clients to give the best results. Although we try our best to keep our designs simple and minimalistic, they are not only appealing but are also elegant in appearance. Our focus is not only to craft a design that is sophisticated but one that is both practical and comfortable in reality.

It is essential that interior designs for homes are easily maintained and easy to take care of. This requires that the décor is not too cluttered so that it gives the appearance of a mess but is simple, visually appealing and results in enhancing rather than constricting the space.

The services we offer are customized so that we stay within your budget.

In addition to providing consultation services, we also provide remodeling and renovation services. When we work hands-on, we make sure that the design cost remains in your budget. We hire our own contractors that are trustworthy. In our designs, you will see that we pay attention to detail when it comes to craftsmanship.

We also offer customized furnishing designs for our clients that add luxury to your home.

We offer in-person as well as online consultation.

For renovation, remodeling or construction of your house or office, we can collaborate and work with your hired architect and project management staff. With this, we provide you with interior designs that best suit your requirements, style, and taste.

Contact us or send us an email for more information regarding our consultation services.

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