The Assembly experts is a family-owned and established Corporation. We created this company with the sole-intention to provide our customers ,clientele and partners with the best service imaginable WITH A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Removal of the pain and worry of assembly and installation of any furniture for interior, exterior, residential or commercial, we literally put everything together that can come in pieces.

The assembly experts came to be only a short time ago but our skills and know how has been developed over the past 6 years. we started off under a different name back in 2013 from then to now we have served over 12,000 + customers and have well over 30,000 hours of experience our team is handpicked by me and my partner as to ensure that you get the best service every time.

We work hard to deliver a top notch, white glove service, each and every time. Our installation experts have professional experience assembling, installing, wall-mounting, and securing everything from in-home furnishings to a wide range of interior furniture pieces for commercial/Residential and  industrial properties.

We love to make connections and partner up with other businesses for a mutually beneficial relationships, if your a Designer. Decorator Renovator or retailer PLEASE inquire about our mutually beneficial offers

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Our clients pick The AssemblyExperts because we are quick,productive, efficient, and take

incredible pride in our craft whereour team of experts excel.